More than eight years ago, at his home in Branson, Missouri, America's Piano Showman, Dino Kartsonakis, went into the kitchen and cooked up a heavenly carrot cake. Baking is something he has loved since he watched his parents create magnificent recipes at their home in New York City. It is Dino's second greatest passion next to music. In the early days, friends Tony Orlando, Bobby Vinton and Daniel O'Donnel would visit Dino and his wife Cheryl, and sample his new creation. They loved it and encouraged Dino and Cheryl to make their 24Karrot Carrot Cake available to the public.

In 2007, 24Karrot was born. Dino and Cheryl's 24Karrot Cake Company, now Dino's Cake & Coffee Co., produces delicious cake recipes available by the slice, loaf or whole cake and serves guest at their cafe located in downtown Branson, Missouri. In addition to their regular customers, they supply Neiman Marcus Restaurants and Cafes across the nation with these wonderful gourmet cakes.

Enjoy a selection of mouthwatering cakes, desserts and the best coffee in Branson at Dino's Cake & Coffee Co. If you haven't had a taste of these delicious confections, here is your opportunity to experience what the media and people from across the United States have been raving about! We have shipped cakes to celebrities including Pauletta and Denzel Washington, BeBe Winans, Mike Huckabee and the beloved Billy Graham. Our cakes are shipped to 48 states, beautifully packaged and ready to serve.